Why PriceTrack

Seamless Market Competition Analysis Platform

We recommend continuously competitive analysis in order to stay a head of competitors and gain reports & insights that enables organisations to act upon disruption in time.

Automatically Tracks Your Products & Competitors

Our crawlers automatically & continuously track your products, analyze them and find your competitors without any manual step or service integration.

Alerts, Scheduled Reports, and Historical Insights

Create customized alerts & get notified when a metric passes thresholds so you can act immediately. Download reports or view historical price changes from insights.

Discover Opportunities and Make Smarter Decisions

Monitor price competition, position tracking, and stock availability to discover more business opportunities and make smarter decisions.

Right Pricing Strategy Increases Business Profitability

Pricing is clearly a key profit driver and have a bigger impact on profitability than other tactical measures, such as growth or cost reductions.

Acquire and Retain More Customers

Your competitors could make it difficult for you to acquire and retain customers now and in the future.

Trusted by Hundreds

We periodically provide data & reports for our customers to improve their marketing strategies.

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