What is ‘competitor price tracking & monitoring’?

Our price tracking & competitor analysis service simplifies and streamlines data collection to help you optimize pricing, merchandising, marketing and other profit generating efforts. Information such as general prices, MSRP, promotions, discounts, product availability and shipping data is collected from your competitors for:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Price optimization
  • Strategic merchandising
  • Historical Analytics
  • Effective Management

How to choose pricing tracking intelligence solutions?

For the best price tracking, monitoring and alerting, retailers should look whose price tracking & reporting service is customizable to their specific needs, whose technology and platform is capable of gathering information from millions of SKUs, and can match competitors' product attributes to your products' at the finest detail.


A price tracking service should include intuitive user interface & API capabilities that hone in on specific pricing opportunities to help you easily and quickly make decisions to profit your business.

With an accurate price tracking and monitoring service, enterprise retailers can:

  • Match merchandise with competitors’ by category, brand, price or other important parameters.
  • Verify if competitors are violating minimum advertised prices (MAP) to gain unfair advantage in the market.
  • Predict optimal price points based on historical and competitive data.
  • Emergency warnings for disasters, transportation, etc.
  • Compare competitive information on pricing and assortment to gain insights in real-time and to optimize pricing on a continuous basis.

Benefits of PriceTrack

With the tool designed to your company’s specific needs, you will have the capability to see all of the current pricing and assortment comparisons collected directly from your competitors' sites, accurately matched with your own product data.

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