Continuously Tracks Products and Competitors

Benefits of PriceTrack

  • Automatically Finds Your Competitors by Searching the Internet
  • Continuously Tracks Products and Competitors
  • Price Positioning Information & Historical Price Charts
  • No Integration Required
  • Advanced Excel Reports
  • Multiple Languages for the Panel & Reports
  • Competition Consultant will Help Build Price Competition Strategy
  • Super Easy to Set Up
  • Implementation Engineer for Tech Support

Why Use PriceTrack Competitor Analysis Service

Automatically Finds Your Competitors

Our crawlers continuously track your products and scan the internet to find your competitors automatically to minimize your operational effort.

No Integration Required

If you have an online platform (public or private) our crawlers automatically synchronize your products into PriceTrack platform. In any case you need integration, we can connect any data source.

Price Positioning Information

The position of your products in this chart is a function of your brand proposition, your competitors, and your pricing objectives. Are you looking to maximize short-term revenues or profit? Do you need to differentiate more to penetrate the market? Or, is your business in survival mode?

Advanced Excel Reports

ou can download Products, Competitors, and Market Price Positioning reports to Microsoft Excel quickly and easily. The reports well designed, filterable, and auto highlighted for the ranking criteria.

Multiple Languages

PriceTrack supports multiple languages so you can change the language of the platform any available language you want for company or user level.


The PriceTrack REST & XML API enables developers to easily interact with the PriceTrack Web Services via third-party applications with a few lines of code.

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